About the Parshall Area Community Foundation

Established in 2011 by a group of concerned citizens, the Parshall Area Community Foundation provides a method of receiving donations and distributing grants to benefit projects or nonprofit organizations in the Parshall area. 

The Parshall Area Community Foundation is managed locally by a group of volunteer citizens whose primary activities are to build the fund and recommend grants annually.

HELPING US BUILD THE FUND: In order for the fund to have a bigger impact in the community, we invite those in the region to make some sort of a gift. Please refer to the "other information" tab for a report and brochure to find out more. Or please call one of us on the committee. We would be happy to answer any questions.

Local Advisory Committee

Kristin Jaeger
Shane Hart (chairperson)
Joyce Waldock 
Carol Zacher
Coby Rabbithead
James Odermann



Parshall foundation office email and phone: FOUNDATION COMMITTEE EMAIL (701) 353-8578

or contact John Heinen at john@ndcf.net or (701) 590-4614 the North Dakota Community Foundation Dickinson office.

Apply for a Grant from the Parshall Area Community Foundation


  • Grants shall be awarded only to those organizations designated by the IRS Code as 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax exempt groups, or government agencies. 
  • Grants shall be awarded to organizations within Parshall and surrounding communities, as determined by the Advisory Committee. 
  • Grants to religious organizations will be limited to those activities which are non-denominational and serve the entire community. 
  • Applications shall be due October 1 of each year. 

Funding Priorities 
High Priority
• Projects or programs that benefit a greater number of residents 
• Requests that demonstrate applicant will seek or has secured other funding sources 

Low Priority 
• Requests for operating funds or day-to-day expenses 
• Requests for multiple-year funding



Download an application form, and send completed application to:

          Parshall Area Community Foundation
          PO Box 68
          Parshall, ND 58770

QUESTIONS: Foundation office (701) 353-8578 or FOUNDATION COMMITTEE click here



ONLINE GRANT APPLICATION CLICK HERE: Fill out completely since form does not save information if you navigate away from the page. A copy will be sent to the committee once you hit send.


CLICK HERE TO OPEN ONLINE GRANT FORM: Reports are due 6 months after receiving a grant to be considered for future grants. Be sure to fill out completely since form does not save info. You will be sent a email confirmation of the info you enter once you hit save.

Grants Awarded by the Parshall Area Community Foundation

  • Parshall 2000, Inc. - $1,082 For A Computer Center          
  • Parshall Park Board - $1,800 For Free Swim & Water Safety Lessons for Kids          
  • Parshall Schools - $300 For Achievement Day Ribbons            
  • Parshall Schools - $415 For Bench Project            
  • Parshall Senior Citizen's Golden Jet Set - $1,000 For Remodel Project For Handicap Accessible Bathroom & Door          
  • Paul Broste Rock Museum - $1,000 To Remodel Bathrooms & Displays & Ceiling          

There are currently no other funds in this area. If you would like to establish a fund to support the Parshall area, please contact our office.

Please find attached various materials which you can download for your own or to pass along to a family member or friend. Help get the word out about the fund, helps the fund grow and serve the community in a bigger way. Any questions please refer to the contact page to contact a committee member. Thank you!

Brochure click here

Annual Activity Report (Coming soon)