Statewide Greatest Needs Guidelines & Application

NOTICE: We are in the process of implementing a new online grant application system. We will not accept applications for Statewide Greatest Needs until March 15, 2018. Please come back to this page on or after March 15 to submit your application. The deadline will remain July 31. 

Please read all guidelines before submitting an application.

  • NDCF makes grants only to those organizations designated by the IRS Code as 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt groups or government agencies. 
  • Before writing a letter of request to NDCF seeking financial assistance, please make certain that your organization is eligible for a grant according to the stated tax exempt requirement.
  • Since NDCF serves organizations statewide, grants generally do not exceed $5,000.
  • Only one request per organization per year.
  • Requests must be postmarked on or before July 31st to be considered for funding.


In considering a formal grant request, NDCF will review the following:

  • The composition and commitment of the group’s overseeing body – Board of Directors or Trustees.
  • The organization’s management and fiscal integrity.
  • The possibility of a grant leveraging additional support.
  • The level of local involvement and support.
  • The number of people to be served and the impact of the program on the community.
  • The degree to which the program duplicates or complements the work of other community organizations.
  • The possibility of the program being replicated in another setting.
  • The extent to which the project reflects an imaginative or new approach to a problem.
  • The impact of the North Dakota Community Foundation’s grant on the success of the project.


In addition to the above, the following guidelines will be used in the prioritizing of grant requests:

  • NDCF does not have a narrow area of focus. The Board looks at each project on its merits.
  • The Board attempts to be as equitable as practical to the various geographic regions of the state.
  • NDCF does not make multi-year grant commitments. You may submit a new request each year if additional funding is needed.
  • The Board places emphasis on helping applicants that have limited access to other sources of funding.
  • A low priority will be given to projects already substantially supported by government, or which in the opinion of the NDCF Board, can and should be provided for by taxes.
  • Grants for sectarian projects will receive a low priority.
  • Grants to national organizations will receive a low priority.
  • Grants will be denied to organizations and projects that exist to influence legislation, carry on propaganda, participate in political campaigns, or which threaten to cause significant controversy or divisiveness.
  • A low grant priority will be given to those organizations which field substantial fund-raising each year with paid and volunteer staff.
  • Grants are not made to individuals. 


COMING SOON: Click here to be taken to our grant application portal. 


Applications must be submitted by July 31.