Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund

About the Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund

The Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund was established in 2014 by a group of area residents who wanted to support and improve the quality of life in the Enderlin area. It is a permanent endowment fund that will support the communities of Enderlin, Sheldon, Alice, and Nome. Earnings from the fund will be given as grants to support nonprofit projects or programs that work to improve our communities and quality of life. The North Dakota Community Foundation, a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation under IRS code 501(c)(3) and North Dakota law, provides professional management for the fund. Gifts to the fund are tax deductible to the fullest extent of state and federal law.

The Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund is a local group of volunteers whose main activities are building the fund and recommending grants annually. 

Local Advisory Committee

Tracy Ekeren
Nancy Farnham
Brad Turner
Tom Rettig
Pastor Dennis Norby
Pastor Grant Patterson
Deb Gillund
Dr. Maggie Peterson
Dean Torbenson
Candy Lund
Gary Lindemann


Tracy Ekeren
318 Railway Street
Enderlin, ND  58027



How to Apply for a Grant from the Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund

Grant Guidelines

Organizations applying for grants from the Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund must meet the following guidelines:

  • Grants shall be awarded to organizations recognized under IRS Code 501(c)3; those with an official relationship to local government (ie school, park district, city); or those who have an official fiscal sponsor with one of these designations
  • Grants shall be awarded to organizations that serve the communities of Enderlin, Sheldon, Alice or Nome
  • Organizations will be limited to one application per year
  • Grants to religious organizations will be limited to those activities which are non-denominational and serve the entire community
  • Applications must be received by April 15 of each year.  Applications are available at First State Bank, North Dakota in Enderlin or see the link below for a PDF printable application

Other Granting Considerations

Advisory Committee Members will look at the following factors when making granting decisions:

  • The impact of the grant on the success of the project
  • The number of people who will benefit from the project/number of people served
  • Organizational management and integrity
  • Level of local involvement and support

To Apply:  Download application form and send (or drop off) completed application to:

Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund
c/o First State Bank, ND
318 Railway Street
Enderlin, ND 58027


Grants Awarded in 2018

  • All Hands on Deck Committee - $1,500 toward new pool fundraising
  • Enderlin Rural Fire Protection - $1,500 for roof and lighting upgrades
  • HEART Living at Home - $584 for Encore Thrift Store displays and fixtures



Grants Awarded in 2017

  • Enderlin Wellness Center - Gym Operation Hardware:  $1,155
  • Mary Hill Manor - Toward Purchase of New Van:  $1,000


Grants Awarded in 2016

  • Enderlin Municipal Library - $600 toward flooring in the entryway and bathrooms
  • Enderlin Historical Society and Museum - $400 toward the renovation of public restrooms
  • Enderlin Senior Center - $232 to remodeling of interior of the Center

Other Funds Administered by NDCF in the Enderlin area

Sheldon Mizpah Masonic Lodge ScholarshipThe scholarship will assist a graduating senior residing in the original Sheldon School District as of June, 2007. Preference will be given to a student who is in the top 25% of the graduating class.