Drayton Area Community Foundation

About the Drayton Area Community Foundation

Established in 2005 by the Consumer Math Class at Drayton High School and residents concerned about the lack of funding for local organizations, the Drayton Area Community Foundation provides a method of receiving funds/donations to benefit projects or non-profit organizations in the Drayton Area. The Foundation is affiliated with the North Dakota Community Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation under IRS code 501(c)3 and North Dakota state law.

The Drayton Area Community Foundation is managed locally by a group of volunteers whose main activities are building the fund and recommending grants annually. 


Apply for a Grant from the Drayton Area Community Foundation


  • The Drayton Area Community Foundation makes grants only to those organizations designated as a non-profit, tax exempt group by IRS code 501(c)3 or government agencies, such as schools, park districts, etc.
  • Grants shall be awarded to organizations and/or projects within a 10 mile radius of the City of Drayton. An organization must be based within those boundaries to qualify for funding.
  • Generally, grants shall not exceed $500.00
  • The Drayton Area Community Foundation places a low priority on funding day-to-day operations.
  • Grants to religious organizations shall be limited to those activities which are non-denominational and serve the entire community.
  • The Drayton Area Community Foundation shall not make grants to individuals.
  • Organizations shall be limited to one request per calendar year.
  • The Drayton Area Community Foundation generally will not make multi-year commitments.

The Drayton Area Community Foundation will accept grant applications once a year. Applications are due by September 15 to be eligible for that grant cycle.

In funding decisions, the Advisory Board will consider:

  • Each project on the merits of the project.
  • Organizational management and integrity.
  • Level of local involvement and community support, to include fundraising and in-kind gifts.
  • The number of residents served and the overall impact on the community.
  • Degree to which the Drayton Area Community Foundation grant will affect the success of the project.

To Apply: Download application form and send completed form to:

Rob Boll
PO Box 369
Drayton, ND 58225

Grants Made by the Drayton Area Community Foundation in 2014

Ox Cart Trails Historical Society - H G Johnson Memorial Hall Project:  $3,282

Other Funds Managed by NDCF from the Drayton Area

Alice Olson Byron Memorial Music Scholarship:  The fund was established in 2010 with a gift from the family of Alice Olson Byron and the Alice Olson Memorial Fund, to assist students who have graduated from a Pembina County, ND high school to continue their post-secondary education.  Preference will be given to students who are pursuing a music major, but anyone actively involved in music may qualify as well.

Fern Christenson Endowment Fund:  Established in 1997 by the estate of Fern Christenson who lived on a farmstead near Bowesmont, ND all his life until fragile health caused him to move to a care center. The fund will support NDCF's unrestricted grant program.