How to Donate to NDCF



Thank you for considering a gift to the North Dakota Community Foundation or one of our component funds.  This site allows you to make an online donation using your credit card and also gives instructions if you would prefer to send a check.

If you would like to send a check, please make a check out to NDCF, and write clearly on the memo line which fund you wish the money to be deposited (if you aren't sure, there is a listing of funds at the bottom of this page). You can mail your check to:

PO Box 387
Bismarck, ND 58502-0387

You will receive a receipt from NDCF in the mail once we have processed your check.

If you would like to make a donation online, please fill out the form below and click "Submit Donation". You will receive a confirmation email of your donation as well as a receipt from NDCF in the mail a few weeks later confirming your gift. 

** Please note:  all online donations are net of credit card processing fees.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 701-222-8349 during regular business hours.

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* This list is updated only periodically. Recently established funds may not be on this list, but you can still enter the name of the fund on the donation form. Questions? Please call our office at 701-222-8349.

31:8 Project
ABLE, Inc. Endowment Fund
Abused Adult Resource Center Endowment Fund
Adams County Community Foundation Endowment
Adolph E. Shirley Memorial Endowment Fund
Adrian Parks & Recreation Non-Endowment Fund
Alexander Public School Foundation Project Fund
Alfred Klewin Scholarship Fund
Alice Baer Memorial Foundation
Alice Olson Byron Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Allen Giese Scholarship Fund
Alphonse & Loretta Hiltner Endowment Fund
Alton Carl Wolfer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Anamoose Area Community Foundation
Andvari Hallson Cemetery Association Endowment Fund
Anne Carlsen Center for Children Endowment Fund
Antiochia Lutheran Cemetery Fund
Argue Family Fund for the Hamilton Cemetery Assoc.
Arnold & Dorothy Holm Scholarship Fund
Arnold & Dorothy Holm Scholarship Non-Endowment Fund
Art & Esther Emerson Endowment Fund
Arthur Moore Fund
Ashley Community Endowment Fund
Ashley Public Library Endowment Fund
Audrey Doyle Scholarship Fund
Badlands Ministries Endowment Fund
Beaulieu Cemetery Fund
Bellevue Cemetery Association Endowment Fund
Benjamin Berg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bert Rotnem Scholarship Fund
Bethel Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
Billings County Scholarship Fund
Bismarck Art & Galleries Association Endowment Fund
Bismarck Hebrew Congregation Endowment Fund
Bismarck Prairie Public Television Fund
Bismarck Rotary Club Scholarship Fund
Bismarck Schools BECEP Fund
Bismarck Schools Chemistry Fund
Bismarck Schools Gordon Knaak Fund
Bismarck Schools Scholarship Fund
Bismarck Society for Historic Preservation Pass Thru
Bismarck/Mandan Branch of AAUW Leadership Fund
Bismarck/Mandan Community Foundation
BisSchool Scholarship Non-Endowment Fund
Bob Campbell Scholarship Fund
Bottineau Community Endowment Fund
Bowman/Slope Community Foundation
Breckenridge/Wahpeton Community Foundation
Brian Meehl Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brinsmade Lutheran Church Cemetery Fund
Burke County Fair Building Fund
Burton Louis Gewalt Meritorious Fund
Calvin Andrist Scholarship Fund
Carlyle R. & Eva M. Albrecht Scholarship Fund
Carole Bordenkircher Kralicek Scholarship Fund
Carrington Community Endowment Fund
Carrington Health Scholarship Fund
Casselton Community Endowment Fund
Casselton Parks & Recreation Endowment Fund
Catholic Charities North Dakota Endowment Fund
Cavalier Community Clubhouse Project
Cavalier Community Foundation
Cavalier Jail / Library Building Endowment Fund
Cav-Landic Trail Non-Endowment Fund
CCC Statue Endowment Fund
Center for Peace Studies Fund
Central Dakota Cyclists Fund
Chris Traeholt Scholarship Fund
Clarence & Ardeen Sveum Exhibit Fund
Clarence Johnson & Eunice Iwen Community Foundation for Arthur, ND
Clarence Johnson/Eunice Iwen Scholarship Fund
Clarence O & Ardeen E Sveum Endowment Fund
Cody Feist Memorial Scholarship Fund
Connie Wold Wellness Foundation
Conrad & Arthur Nisstad Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cooperstown Bible Camp Endowment Fund
Cooperstown Community Foundation
Cowboy Sports Complex Fund
Curtis Stern Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dakota Endowment Fund
Dakota Social Justice Fund
Dawn Marie Stoik Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund
Dean & Eleanor Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Deering Lutheran Church Cemetery Fund
Dick & Dean Bultema Scholarship Fund
Dickinson Area Community Foundation Endowment
Dickinson Area Community Foundation Project Fund
Dickinson Friendship Park Project Dickinson Friendship Park Endowment Dickinson Rotary Charitable Fund
Divide County Public School Foundation
Donald and Irene Metzen Scholarship Fund
Donald B. Sass Scholarship Fund
Donald J. Rupp Endowment Fund
Dorothy D. James - Camp Grassick Fund
Dr. Donald P. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Henry Springer Scholarship Fund
Dr. Roger E. Meisner Veterinary Medicine Educational Fund
Drayton Area Community Foundation
Dushinske & Jamison Water Resources Scholarship Fund
Edgar Bollinger Scholarship Fund
Edmore High Funding the Future Fund
Eight Mile School District #6 Foundation Fund
Einar & Helma Septon Scholarship Fund
EllaRae Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ellendale Area Community Foundation
Ellendale Area Scholarship Fund
Ellendale Farmers Union Scholarship Fund
Ellendale Healthcare Fund
Ellendale Public School Non-Endowment Fund
Ellendale Public Schools Foundation Fund
Elmer & Lucille Hoffert Medical Research Fund
Elvine Sondreaal Septon Fund
Emerado Community Development Coalition Fund
Emerado Community Endowment Fund
Emil Nickl Scholarship Fund
Enderlin Museum Endowment Fund
Enderlin Area Community Endowment Fund
Entertainment, Inc. Fund
Esmond Jubilee Endowment Fund
Esther Hample Scholarship Fund
Evan's Support
Fairmount Community Endowment Fund
Farm Rescue Foundation
Fay & Irene Sanders Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fellowship of Christian Athletes North
Fessenden-Bowdon Public School Foundation
Finley Community Endowment Fund
First Care Health Center Endowment Fund
First State Bank of ND Scholarship Fund
FirstChoice Clinic Endowment Fund
FirstChoice Clinic Endowment Fund (BISMARCK)
Fort Stevenson Foundation Endowment Fund
Fort Stevenson State Park Non-Endowment Building Fund
Francis Fitzsimonds Endowment Fund
Frank & Catharine Hornstein Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Frank & Emilie Blasl Memorial Scholarship Fund
Frank & Joanne Bavendick Scholarships Fund
Fred & Henrietta Kerian Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fred & Ida Osmon Endowment Fund - Ryder/Garrison
Fred & Ida Osmon Scholarship Fund
Friends of Oscar "0" Endowment Fund
Friends of the Lyric Fund
Galesburg Area Foundation
Gardar Cemetery Endowment Fund
Garnett House Fund
Garrison Area Community Foundation
Garry Opp Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gary Tofte Charitable Fund
Gateway to Science Endowment Fund
Genevieve Tamerius Fund
George H. Bliven Scholarship Fund
Gerald W. & Edith F. Wallace Scholarship Fund
Glasston Cemetery Association Endowment Fund
Glen Ullin Area Community Foundation Endowment
Golden Valley County Community Foundation Endowment
Golden Valley County Community Foundation Project Fund
Good Samaritan Health Service Fund
Goshen - Moravian Cemetery Fund
Grace Stone Taylor Scholarship Fund
Grafton Community Endowment Fund
Greenwood Cemetery Association Endowment Fund
Grenora Public School Foundation Endowment
Grenora Public School Project Fund
Gustavus Adolphus Cemetery Fund
Guy Larson Scholarship Fund
Hamilton Cemetery Fund
Hankey Family Charitable Non-Endowment Fund
Hankinson Community Endowment Fund
Hannaford Area Community Foundation
Harmon Lake Recreation Area Fund
Harold & Eldeane Johnson Scholarship Fund
Harold & Eva Williams Memorial Fund
Harold & Susan Bergquist Endowment Fund
Harold Kepler Music Scholarship Fund
Harris P. Kenner Memorial Fund
Harvey Area Community Foundation
Harvey Public Library
Hazen Arts Council Fund
Heart of America (HOA) Germans from Russia
Hebron Community Foundation Endowment
Helen & Ed Leiby Scholarship Fund
Helen & Everett Barta Scholarship Fund
Herb Boswau Memorial Professional Development Grant Fund
Hillsboro Community Foundation
Historic Aadalen Church & Cemetery Fund
Historic Aadalen Church Endowment Fund
Historic Elmwood Endowment Fund
Historic Jewish Cemetery - Regan, ND Endowment Fund
HIT Foundation Plus Inc. Endowment Fund
Hope Area Community Foundation
Humanities North Dakota Endowment Fund
Hurdsfield Community Endowment Fund
I.O.O.F. Cemetery of Cando Fund
Icelandic Park Fund
Icelandic State Park Centennial Project Endowment Fund
Icelandic State Park Heritage Building Endowment Fund
Ishmael & Rose Diede Charitable Fund for Scholarships
J. Garvin Jacobson Scholarship Fund
James & Anne Ryan Memorial Fund
James & Winifred Marvin Scholarship Fund
Jamestown Community Foundation
Jay Fagerholt Endowment Fund
JB Martin Fund for Hamilton Township Cemetery Assoc.
Jean A. Argue Scholarship Fund
Jean E. Crabtree Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jeff Burgess Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jim & Barbara Blaine Scholarship Fund
Jim Hurkes Scholarship Fund
Joan Multhaup Scholarship Fund
JoAnn (Messer) Kopp Memorial Scholarship Fund
John & Jean Rouzie Endowment Fund
John & Yvonne Cronquist Midway Scholarship Fund
John D. Kelly Endowment Fund
John E. Conneran Memorial Scholarship
John H. & Helene Mac Donald Endowment Fund
John J. Ayash Scholarship Fund
John Lunde Scholarship Fund
Josephine Garnett Miller Scholarship Fund
Julius & Alta Burzloff Endowment Fund
Kalloch Eunice Gronvold House Endowment Fund
Kathy Eggmann Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kaitlin (Schindler) Prins Memorial Non-Endowment Fund
Kaitlin (Schindler) Prins Memorial Endowment Fund
Kenmare Area Community Foundation
Kenmare Area Community Foundation Non-Endowment Fund
Kenneth & Leila Morris Dental Scholarship Fund
Killdeer Ambulance Service Fund
Killdeer Area Community Foundation Endowment
Killdeer Saddle Club Arena Project non-endowment Kindred Area Community Foundation
Kirstin Skari Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kiwanis - Meier Scholarship Fund
Kulm Public School Foundation Fund
Kulm Public School Foundation Non-Endowment Fund
Kyla Morehead Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kyle Binstock Memorial Scholarship Fund
laPlante Family Scholarship Fund
Larimore Community Endowment Fund
Larimore Public Schools Scholarship Fund
Larry J. Wilwant Fund for Pembina, ND
Lars & Hilda Svendsgaard Scholarship Fund
Laurel & Betty Koehn Family Charitable Endowment Fund
Leach Library Fund
Leadership North Dakota Fund
Lebanon Church Cemetery Fund
Leeds Lutheran Church Cemetery Fund
Leo Billey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leon Dubourt Charitable Non-Endowment Fund
Leon Dubourt Gorge Arts Council Endowment Fund
Les Melroe Gwinner Scholarship Fund
Lewis & Clark Trail Museum
Lewis Lilyquist Scholarship Fund
Linton Hospital Endowment Fund
Lisa Kraft Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lisbon Community Endowment Fund
Lisbon Dollars For Scholars Fund
Lisbon Jaycees Scholarship Fund
Lisbon Kiwanis Leadership Fund
Lisbon Public Library Fund
Lisbon Public Schools Endowment Fund
Little Buddy Foundation Endowment
Little Flower Fund
Little Flower Fund II Fund
Lloyd & Martha Haas Scholarship Fund
Lloyd A. Engh North Star Masonic Lodge Fund
Long X Council on the Arts
Lord of Life Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
Maddock Community Endowment Fund
Major General Eldon W. Joersz Fund
Mandan Historical Society Endowment Fund
Mandan Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund
Mandan Public Library Endowment Fund
Margaret Geiger Green Scholarship Fund
Marjorie Ribe Christensen Non-Endow Scholarship Fund
Marlowe Ann Regan Endowment Fund
Martin's Lutheran Church Endowment Fund
Marv Rockstad Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Ann Pecka Memorial Fund
Mary E. Finley Endowment for Seniors of Walsh Cty. Fund
Mary G. Wiltse Memorial Endowment Fund
Mary Goldader (Johnson) Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Louise Blizzard Memorial Fund
Maurice & Sharon Lardy Family Fund
Max Zelenak Scholarship Fund
Mayo Meadows Health Professional Recruitment Fund
Mayor's Ball for the Arts & Humanities Charitable Fund
McKenzie County Community Foundation Endowment
McKenzie County Health System Endowment Fund
McKenzie County Library Fund
McKenzie County Public School Dist #1 Foundation Project Fund Non-Endowment
Meadows Memorial Fund
Michigan Scholarship Fund
Mike & Dorothy Dolan Minot Commission on Aging Endowment Fund
Mike F. Dolan Minot Rotary Club Fund
Minnewaukan Cemetery Fund
Minnewaukan Community Endowment Fund
Minnewaukan Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Fund / St. Peter Cemetery Fund
Minot Community Endowment Fund
Minot Kiwanis Scholarship Fund
Mischelle C. Timmins Fund
Missouri Slope Areawide United Way Endowment Fund
Mohall Area Community Foundation
Monroe Scheflo Scholarship Fund
Mott-Regent Community Foundation Endowment
Mountain Bornum Park Project
Muriel Crabtree Music Scholarship Fund
Muriel R. Hyden Memorial Scholarship Fund
National Medical Resources Charitable Fund
Native American Development Center
ND Career & Technical Education Endowment Fund
ND Center for the Book Fund
ND Conservation Non-Endowment Fund
ND Department of Ag - Mobile Food Processing Unit Fund
ND Farmers Union Co-op House Scholarship Fund
ND Farmers Union Scholarship Fund
ND Farmers Union-Alan Bergman Scholarship Fund
ND Military Scholarship Fund
ND Music Hall of Fame
ND Parks & Rec Enhancement Fund
ND Real Estate Educational Fund
ND Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship Fund
ND Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship Non-Endowment Fund
NDCF/ND Nurses Association Scholarship Fund
Nelson County Health Services Foundation Endowment Fund
New England Community Foundation Endowment
New England Library Fund
New Public School District #8 Foundation Fund
New Rockford Community Foundation
New Rockford Golf Club Improvement Fund
New Salem Area Community Foundation Endowment
New Town Health Support Corporation Endowment Fund
Nick & Anna Logosz Memorial Fund
Noela Kingsbury Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nordmanna Cemetery Endowment Fund
North Dakota Aviation Hall of Fame Fund
North Dakota Conservation Foundation
North Dakota FFA Foundation Endowment Fund
North Dakota Golf Foundation
North Dakota Indian Business Alliance
North Dakota Music Hall of Fame
North Dakota Nurse Practitioner Association Scholarship Fund
North Dakota Patriot Guard Fund
North Dakota Teen Challenge Endowment Fund
North Sargent Class of '63 Scholarship Fund
Northeast Regional Education Fund
Northern Cass Education Foundation
Northern Cass Foundation Non-Endowment Fund
Northwood Deaconess Health Center Endowment
Oakes Area Community Foundation
Oakes Public School Endowment Fund
Oakes Public Schools Music Booster Fund
Oakes VFW Scholarship Fund
Oberon "55" Club Endowment Fund
Our Redeemer School Endowment Fund
Park River Community Endowment Fund
Park River Scholarship Fund
Parkinson Wellness Programming Fund
Parshall Area Community Foundation Endowment
Parshall Public School Foundation Non-Endowment Fund
Paulie (Paula) Paul Memorial Scholarship Fund
Pembina County Historial Society Fund
Pierce County Endowment Fund
Pink It Forward Fund
Pioneer School Endowment Fund
Pioneer Square Emergency Fund
Pioneer Square Endowment Fund
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Endowment Fund
Powers Lake PreSchool Association - dba Lil' Ranchers Community PreSchool
Powers Lake Public School Foundation
Powers Lake Restoration Fund
Prairie Learning Center Endowment Fund
Prairie Public TV Endowment Fund
Preservation North Dakota Endowment Fund
Pride, Inc. Endowment Fund
Ray & Hazel Wuolu Memorial Scholarship
Ray & Lillian Gulbranson Scholarship Fund
Ray Scholarship Fund
Richard & Christina Fiedler Scholarship Fund
Richardton Area Community Foundation Endowment
Richardton Healthcare Foundation Endowment
Richardton-Taylor Public School Non-Endowment Richardton High School: Raider Scholarship
Rick & Nancy Warner Bigler Scholarship Fund
Robert C. Peske Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert E. Chase Scholarship Fund
Rolla Community Endowment Fund
Ronald D. Liudahl Scholarship Fund
Rugby Community Endowment Fund
Rugby High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Rupert J. Rehberg Scholarship Fund
Rural Leadership ND Alumni Foundation Endowment
Rural Leadership ND Alumni Foundation Non-Endowment Fund
Ruth Meiers Hospitality House Endowment Fund
Sacred Heart Benedictine Foundation Endowment Fund
Sally Brash Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sam Tolchinsky Endowment Fund
Save Our Screen Fund - Cavalier
Save Our Strand Fund
Sharing Hearts Fund
Sheila Coleman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sheldon Mizpah Scholarship Fund
Sherwood / Antler Community Foundation
Short Creek Church & Cemetery Fund
Singh Family Endowment Fund
Sitting Bull College Endowment Fund
Sitting Bull College Scholarship Fund
Skuli Pall Benedictson Endowment Fund
Sons of Norway, Sverdrup Lodge #107 Endowment Fund
Souris Valley United Way-Molly Wallin
South Pembina Cemetery Fund
St. Anthony's Church Endowment Fund
St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery Endowment Fund
St. Peter's Centennial Fund
St. Thomas City Cemetery Endowment Fund
St. Thomas Masonic Lodge #30 Scholarship Fund
Stanley & Julie Buxa Nursing Scholarship Fund
Stanley Ambulance Non-Endowment Fund
Stanley Area Community Foundation Endowment Stanley Area Community Foundation Project Fund non-endowment
Stanley Library Non-Endowment Fund
Statewide Greatest Needs Fund
Stony Lake Cemetery Fund
Strasburg Area Community Foundation
Stump Lake Park Endowment Fund
Sue Podenski Plaque Award Fund
Sue Podenski Scholarship Fund
Susanne Delaney Mattheis Charitable Fund
The Bismarck Library Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund
The Theo Torgerson Scholarship Fund
Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation
Thomas B. & Anna Jane Regan Fund
Thomas Whelan Scholarship Fund
Tiny & Joyce Gebhardt Scholarship Fund
Tioga Community Foundation
Tioga Swimming Pool Fund
Tom & Ruth Bettenhausen Scholarship Fund
Tom Sturdevant Scholarship Fund
Towner County Community Foundation
Travis Allen Hohbein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Turtle Mountain Environmental Learning Center Fund
Tyler Herman Memorial Scholarship Fund
U.S. Durum Growers Association Scholarship Fund
Underwood, ND School Foundation Endowment Fund
United Tribes Technical College Endowment Fund
UTTC Johnson Scholarship Foundation Endowment Fund
Valentine F. Brossart Memorial Fund
Valley Grove Cemetery Endowment Fund
Vang Cemetery Fund
Veterans Memorial Park Fund (Stanley)
Victor & Louise Dusterhoft Scholarship Fund
Victor & Verna Johnson Scholarship Fund
Vision West ND Foundation Endowment
Vision West ND Foundation Project Fund Non-Endowment
Volunteer Caregivers for the Elderly Endowment Fund
Walhalla Area Community Foundation
Walhalla Area Community Foundation Non-Endowment Fund
Washburn Volunteer Ambulance Service Endowment Fund
Watford City High School Alumni Foundation Endowment
Watford City High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Westhope Area Community Foundation
William Born Scholarship Fund
Williston Area Community Foundation Endowment
Wishek Area Community Foundation
Wishek Pool Renovation Project
Women's Health Conference
Young Life North Dakota (Bismarck) Fund
Young Life North Dakota (Native) Fund

* If you do not see the name of the fund you want, please call our office at 701-222-8349.